What ıs kyngrak?

Our History

Kyngrak provide services Defence and Studio. Kyngrak was founded in 2018 with office in Istanbul. Kyngrak is been growing ever since, expanding its portfolio and team, as well as growing in experience and technological know-how. Today Kyngrak employs both industry veterans.

Our Vision

Our aim is to combine our experience in the Defense and Studio departments with our imagination. We want to be a part of the internet of the future and make innovations that have not yet happened in this industry. The future will be incredible…

Meaning of name "Kyngrak"

“Kyngrak” is a Turkish word.

Kyngrak mentioned as the name of the holy short sword of the Hun emperor Atilla.

The word Kyngrak in Teleüt Turks and gingrak (small knife) in East Turkestan is thought to be related to a sacred weapon. On the other hand, akinakes, which are said to be used to mix blood and wine in Herodotus’ book, refer to this type of short sword. Thus, the sacred sword motif, which gradually developed in the Turks, will be seen in the European Huns and will reach Attila’s hand, as in the legends of the sacred sword given to King Arthur in the Germanic mythology, which made man the ruler of the world. (Prof.Dr. Yaşar Çoruhlu – From the Book of Outlines of Turkish Mythology)

Legend has it that this weapon is now missing and awaiting its new owner. When used by someone with descendants of Attila and Turkish blood, He/She will become one of the greatest warriors and leaders in the world.

We loved and preferred this word in Turkish mythology and got the rights to the name.